W e l c o m e t o N e w L i n e B r a n d s G l o b a l

We specialize in crafting luxury spirits with a legacy rooted in excellence . Discover our story and the quality we bring to every sip.


Jardins d’Arménie
Royal Brandy

Discover the blend of traditional craftsmanship and exclusive Voskehat golden grapes crafted through a meticulous aging process.


Godfather Vodka

Crafted from the finest grains and distilled to perfection, Godfather Vodka is filtered 50x to ensure exceptional purity and a smooth taste.

the process

T h e M a k i n g o f R o y a l B r a n d y

Explore our spirits and their journey from ingredients to bottle, blending craftsmanship and passion to create exceptional experiences.

Immerse yourself in our world of luxury with premium products and experiences designed to indulge your senses and elevate every moment.


T h e W o r l d O f L u x u r y

Guided walking Tour through the Vineyards in the Valley of Gods and the Menegolli Wineries. Book your tour in advance (minimum 7 adults) which will take place in Valpantena – VERONA.